Our Process

And why process matters.

Involved in creating e-learning? If so, you already know that the finished program is only half the story. The process leading up to the final deliverable drives timelines, budgets, quality and reliability. For these reasons, even if you think you don’t care about process, you do.

  1. Better, distributed workflow with reduced bottlenecks and fewer chokepoints.
  2. A storyboard export process that speeds the creation of the first build that is both accurate and precise.
  3. Shorter development cycles and more flexibility in making both early and late-stage changes.
  4. Access to nightly builds for continuous QA. You’ll always know what’s going on with your project!

Big picture. Small details. They both matter.

Throughout our history as developers, we’ve persistently worked at improving and perfecting our development process, our technology platform and our general practices. We’ve addressed aspects of production that slowed us down, created chokepoints, or left clients out of the loop — ultimately refining our development process to create a great client experience, a more productive workflow and, of course, a great learner experience.

Specifically, our process accommodates:

  • A shorter cycle between storyboard to first build for early review of program flow and sequencing. This opens the door for early refinements and revisions.
  • A framework that supports distributed and independent work from development teams without the final integration chokepoint.
  • Version control of program builds which allows for continuous QA, thereby reducing time associated with fixed, late-stage review of content.
  • Easier integration of rich-media assets without programming delays.
  • And, faster turnarounds on multilingual versions (when required).

You’ll find our process is a mix of the familiar — like storyboards for review — along with some new tools and features that streamline development. By working at improving the development process, we discovered that we are more productive, more efficient and more creative to boot. Amazing what a little elbow grease can do!