Our Approach

Visually-rich, compelling, online learning

As opposed to simply stringing together facts, online learning programs must resonate with learners through engaging interaction and opportunities of practice.

Meaningful. Memorable. Measurable.

At Creative Perspectives, we understand that online training needs to be carefully organized, hard-hitting and compelling, especially when you’re preparing your staff to sell to sophisticated buyers. Each training effort must be carefully prepared — designed to cover the right depth and breadth of content. Integrated self-checks and assessments enhance retention and improve results through retrieval practice.

Peruse our portfolio and you’ll see a diverse body of work for a range of clients. Projects that are as unique and individual as, well, the company they're designed for.

Better Tools

We’ve created a suite of development tools that allow us to produce rich-media training in less time and at a lower cost than comparable approaches. Time and cost savings are recognized through an abstracted development approach as opposed to "single-channel" processes that limit throughput.

Better End Product

At the same time, we’re masters at developing coherent content flow - integrating animation, video and illustration to maximize retention, and enabling individual self-pacing and testing. We create appealing online environments so your learners can hone their skills and build their knowledge quickly and efficiently.