Better Online Learning

With Marionette™

Our objectives for Marionette were simple: dramatically lower the cost of developing highly interactive custom content; decrease the time from inception to deployment; and improve the learner experience by reducing load times. Mission accomplished.

About Marionette

Our specialized development framework allows us to create full-featured interactive learning programs — with all the graphics, animation, audio, and interactivity your training requires — at a fraction of the cost and time compared to other authoring approaches. The difference is in Marionette's robust architecture. Extensive core services are designed to support the requirements of training programs and meet the needs of clients without compromising the end-user experience.


Our Clients Are Worth It.

We're often asked “Why build your own toolset”? Simply put, we often ran into limitations that were imposed by authoring tools. With Marionette, we’re able to build complex technical training programs in less time and, consequently lower cost, with no imposed constraints. Its also made for easier and faster review cycles, more flexibility in making changes and revisions and better round-trip creation of multilingual versions of training programs. Better end product, faster turnaround, less expensive — we think you’re worth it.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration of rich media
  • Better workflow with access to progress builds
  • Easy integration of self-checks and assessments
  • Fast and accurate creation of multilingual programs
  • Storyboards to first-build in record speed
  • SCORM compatible